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Trinity of Equine Confidence

Why the Trinity of Equine Confidence”:

Being a divinity graduate, it was only natural for me to refer to anything with three aspects as “the Trinity”—not least because many things consist of three parts. In addition, the number three is thought to be lucky and the “perfect number,” often representing harmony, wisdom, and understanding—or, to return to the original metaphor, past, present, and future.

Have you also noticed though, in stories, three is usually the magical number, or the number of the “choices or wishes” or trials and difficulties – and, as if by the magic of the Genie in the lamp, they resolve their problems on the third try!

And, of course, to bring it home – the three leafed shamrock is by far the more common of them all! 

So, it was only natural, when coming into working with people and their horses, that an automatic “3” came up and represented in the three parts of my logo:

YOU – what is going on in your mind and body when we sit and talk about your horse, your dreams, your reality, where you want to go and what you want to do. 

YOUR HORSE – what is going on with them, what their issues are, what do these look like and how is the cycle developing 

WHERE YOU ARE – what events have happened in the past, what has changed in your situation now, what is going on in the rest of your life and how this affects your time with your horse. 

This approach has been honed over many years working with people and with horses and with people and horses together (see how that magic 3 works and gets into everything!). When I first started, I would try and work out what was going on through just talking to someone and then riding their horse, but, over time, I realised that seeing someone with their horse and working it, riding it up the road and watching it’s mirroring gave me a clear insight into the dynamic of the relationship which made my work clearer to me (and also saves a lot of talking time which saves money for you too!)

How does it work: 

This really is my “gold standard” programme. 

Designed to ensure that all the work that we do together is fully embedded into your mind and works at a deeper level in your brain and body to make true habit changes. 

You get 12 intensive 1:1 sessions with me – the first one in person with your horse. 

The other sessions are online using video sessions, with videos taken by you during the week of random times that you want to discuss in our discussions. 

We map out your life story to develop healthier approaches to the areas which are holding you back and can be changed. Embedding exercises into your work which will come naturally to you when you are under stress and need them the most. 

We talk about where your goals are, set stages and expectations and realistic achievements to lay out a programme and plan of how you can best start to head where you want to be as well as being able to see clearly the progress you have already made. 

Between sessions, you have someone who is on your side, if you have a question that can be answered by email, then this is something that can be done – within a reasonable time scale (usually turn around within 48 hours subject to circumstances). 

Basically you have a fully experienced horse person on your side as a trained mental cheer leader with support and guidance whilst you tackle the changes you want to make to have a horse-style change

What does this mean:

As this is a highly personalised programme, it means different things to different people. 

However, primarily, it means: 

Confidence to make a decision knowing that you are making it for you and your horse, to boost your relationship

Breaking through the mental blocks which we don’t always know are there to grow in our minds and make choices which can alter the whole of our life

Regaining the focus we truly want with our horses to build our bond together for mutual happiness and contentment.