The Equine Confidence Coach

              – building riders’ confidence


Day Visits These last 5 hours and are a mix of working with you and your horse together, to see what is happening within the relationship, with discussions in between to talk about areas you want to improve and change. A bespoke package of exercises for you to continue are produced and follow ups available upon request.

Clinics These can be arranged with around the country where a mix of activities can be included to your requirements relating around horse/human relationships or competition psychology preparation I am also happy to incorporate my “Taming the Butterflies” talk during the lunch break to people who would like to attend without their horses – or who have missed out on booking

The Trinity of Equine Confidence Read about my top level programme on the relevant page where I go through it step by step for you.

The Trinity of Equine Confidence. Click here…..

Taming the Butterfly Talk I can be booked by livery yards, tack shops, riding and pony clubs etc to discuss horse and human interactive psychology in general, with a number of useful exercises to work on for the attendees, along with a Q&A session. This is useful for a winter evening activity where you want to maintain social contacts with people but the evenings are too dark to go out for a ride.

For tack and feed stores, this is a great way to attract an audience to come along and visit any promotion you are doing – especially pre-competition season, Christmas etc etc.

All of these are using a personalised selection of proven principles from counselling and psychology to effect long lasting and effective change in all aspects of your life, working with you where you are right now and how you got there to move on with mental strength and self-belief.

I work at any level – whatever you want to do – ride, dont ride, breed, enjoy your horses, this isnt for competitors alone, but for people to regain their love, trust and confidence to do whatever you want with your horses.

Contact me to discuss bespoke talks – on or off horse – for your group.

Looking at the whole you, I work alongside you with compassion and consideration to build your confidence from your inner strength to attain and achieve your goals in a lasting and solid manner.

We will look at your relationships with your horses and the roots of your love for them and your being with them. We will take notice of what is the dynamic between you and the areas of relationship with them and what you want to change and how to go about making those lasting changes.

We will look at why you have come to where you are today – and work with that as our starting point.

We are going to work on real change, working with your emotions and your past, whatever internal dialogue you are having which is self-limiting your growth and abilities. We will question your goals and ambitions and develop a plan which includes new ways of thinking and being calm. All of these will be transferable into the rest of your life and benefit your relationships with other people and with yourself.

Working with The Equine Confidence Coach, you will experience a totally unique approach, where I put into effect years of horse and people knowledge, built up from academia and practical experience incorporating professional management and business skills to evolve a calmer, more confident person with inner self-belief and resilience ready to make the most of your life.

Jumping forward into your new relationship and self-belief