The Equine Confidence Coach

              – building riders’ confidence

The Equine Confidence Coach specialises in helping riders build mental strength and become more confident with the decisions they make.

What are the goals, values and principles that drive you in life?
These can be reflected in all aspects of your equestrian journey. We focus on helping riders have the confidence to know what they want and making confident decisions to get there.

Building rider confidence is at the heart of what we do, which means that I am not a riding Coach, I am a confidence coach.

Start where you are right now! Forget about comparing yourself to others.

By working with us, you will develop mental strength and encourage you to think differently about how you approach riding your horse. When you feel confident in yourself, it’s much more likely you will really enjoy your time with your horse. Working in an approachable, growth-oriented mindset will allow you to experience real success within any area of life that you want!

Almost everybody else in my field is trying to encourage people to compete. You do not have to compete. You just have to be happy with your decisions, that is all you have to do. That is what The Equine Confidence Coach supports you to do.

We are passionate about helping you understand how to regain your focus on what you want out of the whole experience, rather than on what you might worry about and to help you stop comparing yourself to others.